Brief History of Saint Joseph’s College, Vom.

Saint Joseph’s College, Vom is a Secondary School established purely for boys in 1958 by the then Catholic Diocese of Jos now Archdiocese. It came into being following the approval by the regional and colonial government of the Northern region in September 1957,of the request to build a secondary school by the Bishop, His Lord Bishop John Reddington. It was to cater for the teeming youth of the then Plateau Province which then covered the Jos Diocese. The School is situated at the outskirts of Jos, Vom, known as Kaduna-Vom or Vom Veterinary near the National Institute of Veterinary Research Vom.


The initial structure which housed the college was a “C” shaped building with seven rooms which served as the classroom, hostel or sleeping quarters, the dining hall, Library, Chapel and indoor games room. Over the years more structures were added. Today the school has six hostels with the capacity to hold up to six hundred students. Staff Quarters housing 49 of the 86 staff. Academic block with 18 classes, 4 laboratories, 2 workshops, 2 computer labs, a library, assembly hall, Guidance and Counseling unit, Administrative block and the Chapel.


The curriculum at inception comprised of Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Latin, English Language, Literature, Christian Religious Knowledge, Geography and History. Presently offers a comprehensive and holistic education deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition and ethics for both junior (basic) and senior levels. They have over 26 subjects including entrepreneurial subjects and compartmentalized into 4 departments: Science and Mathematics, Humanities, Business Education and Technology as stipulated by the state and federal Ministries of Education.


Initially, staff were two, the Principal, Rev. Fr. Maurice Burke SMA and Mr. Edmund Jibrin (the first indigenous teacher). As the population of the students increased and the curriculum expanded the number of staff both teaching and non-teaching increased or changed over the years. At present we have a total of 86 staff.

  1. Rev.Fr. Morris Burke SMA 1958-1962
  2. Rev.Fr. Anthony M. Glynn SMA 1963-1973
  3. Rev.Fr. Sean Kelly SMA 1973-1974
  4. Rev.Fr. Patrick Hurley SMA 1974-1975
  5. Rev.Fr. Maurice Henry SMA 1975-1976
  6. Mr. Aloysius Shilong 1976-1979
  7. Rev.Fr. John Dunne SMA 1979-1979
  8. Mr. Hilary B. Selzing 1979-1990
  9. Mr. Joseph kontor 1991-1992
  10. Mr. John Maigari 1992-2001
  11. Rev.Fr. Raymond Gofut (Diocesan) 2001-2006
  12. Rev.Fr. Justin N. Podos (Diocesan) 2007-2015
  13. Mr. Benedict E.A. Mailafiya 2016-Date.
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