Our Coding club courses include but are not limited to:

  1. Introduction to programming and Programming Fundamentals
  2. Desktop Applications and Game Development
  3. Electronics/Robotics/Internet of things
  4. Web Development
  5. 2d/3d Animation

Students come with an amazing curiosity or desire to learn, but are sometimes discouraged by traditional “right versus wrong” teaching or the lack of options. Or, they just never get exposure to subjects outside of school to begin with. At St. Josephs College, Vom we offer Coding classes to students ensuring they possess not just the traditional theoretical knowledge but 21st Century digital skills necessary to not just survive but thrive. That’s why we go beyond the theoretical and we provide an environment that challenges students to learn by doing. During every 50-minute class, students explore new concepts by completing projects that become part of their personal portfolios and skillset. We believe that when students have access to the right kind of support, learning style and peer community, it can change lives. And changing kids’ lives at St. Josephs College through learning continues to be our mission today.


Desktop Applications

Game Development


Web Development


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